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On or about June 5th, of 2010 a photo album was stolen from my parent's residence in central California.  The pictures below are examples of pictures that were inside a photo album taken from my parents residence.  One of the pictures taken (no displayed) is of a twin 50 caliber gun turret.  This was a common weapon located on the mid-ship of the PT - boats. 

The goal is to return the album and the pictures inside to the owner (my dad).  There is a strong possibility that some of the pictures or the entire photo album may have been sold or traded to a WWII collector who unknowingly purchased the items.  It is not the owner's intention to civilly or criminally prosecute the person who came into possession album or photographs via a purchase or trade.  If you paid for the items we may be able to compensate you for your loss.

If you have information about the pictures below please contact me:


RON 16
1943 - Higgins Boat Factory - Lake Poncentrain LA

Boat Captain